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Number Patterns (Just For Fun)

Hi Everyone,

This post is for fun and interest, but if you do happen to be well- versed in numerology and would like to leave a comment or message me some insights to add please do. I enjoy learning.

I am not an expert in numerology, but when I was going through my awakening process I came across information about synchronicities and repeating numbers. I did a little investigating at the time to get an idea of the number meanings and found that there is a practice called numerology which associates numbers with different energies. Each individual single digit number has its own unique characteristics and when they are repeated or combined the meanings are further developed. In this way, numbers form the basis of a kind of energetic language which can communicate things like your current purpose, focus, or lessons.

I am going to be honest with you, even though my understanding of the number combinations is limited and my interpretation of them is vague I find the synchronistic nature of repeating number patterns beneficial. I’ve noticed, for example, that I see repeating numbers frequently right before and during personal transitions. I find them reassuring when they show up like this during periods of despair and anxiety, but they also cue me to be observant because when they start to show up something important is taking place, and I need to be present and aware of the different layers of events.

That is just how I personally understand the repeating number sequences. To me they are a source of communication and though each number has its own energy, the interpretation I derive from them is similar to the interpretation of dreams, meaning that I look for both general archetypal themes and personal meanings. If you would like more information about applying numerology let me know and I’ll work on a post covering that topic specifically.

For this post, what I really wanted to talk about was an interesting number- meaning pattern.

General Meaning of Repeating Numbers (any digit)

A few weeks ago while I was with my family, a repeating number sequence came up and the question of meaning arose. The person who mentioned it noted that it seemed like all the numbers had the same meaning which was something along the lines of good luck or protection. In one way I think this is true. If number sequences are a form of communication or confirmation then no matter what they are communicating they are telling you that something larger than yourself is watching out for you. The fact that they are appearing at all—especially when you need them—implies that there is a larger force that has taken an interest in your personal life and is reaching out to give you guidance and reassurance. This in and of itself is powerful. It means you are not insignificant. It means that you matter enough that god, universe, spirit, source or whatever you envision the creative essence that arranges these things to be has taken the time to reach out and leave clues for you. This means you are being communicated with, and your path is being watched over. These implications can be generalized to mean good fortune and/or protection and love.

Side Note: In case you are one of the people who can immediately spot the potential negative in this—not seeing these number chains does not mean that you aren’t cared about or protected. What it can mean is that you are not currently in a situation that requires you to be aware of the concern the larger force of life has in your day to day experience. Maybe you are in a great place and there are no upcoming changes that you need to be aware of or you don't need a rope of resilience to help you get through. It could also mean that the higher power knows that there is a more effective way to communicate with you. You are always important and always matter and your life is always being watched over with the interest of helping you pursue your highest purpose and fulfillment, but there are times when you will find that you need to be reminded of that more often and times when the reminders are less necessary or absent for a specific personalized reason (for example if you are working on the life lesson of taking responsibility for the choices in your life and are over-relying on symbols and communication instead of taking your own initiative you might start to see some of the communication fade, but even this is for your highest good because it helps you learn that particular lesson).

Specific Digits and Triad Pattern

Going back to the meaning of the numbers, since the numbers are symbolic of specific energies they can also be understood as conveying a more unique messages beyond good fortune and protection. Again, this is not a topic I am an expert in. What I did in my own life was read a bunch of blogs on numerology, meditate on the symbolism and meaning, and then create a one word key that I could use to easily remember the core meaning of each number as I understood it. Here is what that key looks like:

I was thinking about the individual meanings this week and it occurred to me that they appear in triads, with two oppositional energies leading to a third creation energy which stems from the first two. I thought this was cool, so I wanted to share it:

1 and 2 are oppositional – independence vs partnership. With the energy of the number one you are learning things like taking initiative, finding your own path, figuring out the self or ego-structure of you. When you are working the energy of number two you are learning about partnership which has to do with taking on the needs of another, working in tandem, cooperation, and sharing in the experience. These two energies teach complimentary opposite lessons and when you reach the apex of both you give birth to the energy of number 3. Communication stems from a solid understanding of self and other. It is the energy that works between partners and is created through having both a self and other. That is the first triad.

The second triad is 4 and 5 creating 6 (not mathematically). Four represents stability and structure. In this lesson there is greater longevity and predictability, for this reason, four is often associated positively with protection and negatively with stagnation. Five represents change or growth. It is the movement which causes expansion, the changing of old to become new. It positively corresponds with creativity and transformation and negatively with destruction. Six is grace or unconditional love. It is the acceptance of something in all its form. If you were to apply four and five to an individual life you would see the consistency of internal spirit essence side by side with the progression through different forms in the attainment of growth. Number six, like a good mother, is capable of loving the child for its sameness and changes. Yet you do not get to create the energy of accepting and embracing both forms without housing both forms. You are both the internal stable core and the external changing form and as you express both you create room for both to be loved with grace and acceptance. So, when you harness and honor both 4 and 5 within you, you create 6.

The third triad is 7, 8, and 9. I’ll admit it took me a little while to understand the complimentary opposite relationship between 7 and 8. In fact, I had to inquire with the voices to find it. What they showed me was a moving picture, which conveyed the relationship more effectively than words would, but I’ll try to translate it. Seven represents intuition, psychic strength, or spirituality. It can also represent empathy because in order to take on such a deep understanding of what is beyond you, you must let go enough of self to take a different perspective. The image for this was of clearing out. If you pictured yourself as a glass filled with dense matter, you would see that you could not see beyond that matter to perceive information from beyond. Intuition and psychic abilities are often related to tapping into what is beyond the perception of the self which is done most effectively through clearing so that you can see accurately through that glass. Eight represents karma or karmic return. Like seven, there is an aspect of being related to a greater whole, since what you put out comes back to you, but instead of clearing out the dense matter this number gave me the image of collecting it. Instead of clearing out the self to understand the bigger picture, karma teaches you by bringing the consequences of your interactions with that whole right to your doorstep. It is the movement of drawing in and returning the energy which you extended outward. So you have 7 as a motion of clearing out and 8 as a motion of bringing in. Both show you the interrelatedness of all things. When you understand this law of oneness—that all are one and one is all-- and find the balance between honoring both, you reach a point of resolution which is represented by the number 9. Nine is the ending that leads to the new beginning but is also the summary of the lessons. All the lessons are contained in the flow of clearing out and bringing in and noticing the reflection and relationship between self and all others. This isn’t the same as the relationship between one and two (one self and partnership of two selves) but an ability to see the self as all and all as the self and harness the truth of consciousness that comes from this meaning.

In the end you have three sets of three. If you separate the individual threes and say that they are emphasized then you could see that numerology represents a grand form of communication. If you add them together you get nine which is the resolution and total understanding. If you combine the meanings of three and nine you see the law of oneness at work through the communication between the individual ego which is what each of us is and the universal consciousness which is the source of life feeding all that there is.

I was also going to say that 3 represents a number of alchemy, but I couldn’t find the external evidence to support this. It was just that I saw a triangle in my head and since the two oppositional forces leading to a third exalted outcome seemed similar to some of the principles inherent in alchemy (holding two opposites together to create a third, exalted form) I expected that three would somehow be related to that concept. Whether you could call it alchemy or not, there does seem to be an aspect of creation in the triads and a triad of triads in the current number system. It would be interesting to see how the concept of numerology plays out in other number systems-- if anyone has any ideas about this please feel free to share.

Thinking about this and seeing the relationships develop made me happy on a day when I had been getting a little overwhelmed, so I wanted to share it. I hope that if you have read this far you have found it interesting as well. Please let me know what you think or if you have other knowledge to share.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend.

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