Mission Statement

For most of my life I felt trapped-- not in a physical location-- but in a belief system that undermined my sense of wellbeing. I was told that I was sick and had a certain idea about what success and happiness looked like, but those ideas were out of reach and opposed the values that I kept secretly and denied outwardly. It wasn't until I started to explore my own secret values and learn about perspectives that differed from my prior knowledge that I began to understand how holding these incompatible beliefs had shaped my experiences and caused me pain. When I learned that I was always free to choose my own beliefs and live in a way that was authentic, the cage around me started to dissolve. I was enchanted by the power of beliefs and the way that changes in perspective could change my life in such a thorough way. I wished I had known about these frameworks sooner and I saw that many people around me were stuck in similar cages-- locked into perspectives that undermined them. There was a way out, I knew, and even though it can seem daunting at first to change how you see reality and to live by beliefs that were previously unacceptable there is freedom in the knowledge that making such a choice is possible. 


 My goal is to share the perspectives I have learned and help people like myself who have spent years stuck behind thoughts and beliefs that don't serve them become empowered to learn new ways of being. We have the ability to learn and to choose  beliefs that enhance our wellbeing instead of detract from it. We have the power to change our experience with life from the inside out. I have slammed head first into many invisible metaphoric walls learning to understand this ability, but my hope is that I can help others create their own path with a little more clarity and fewer headaches. As we learn and grow together we have the honor of also making the trail to freedom and expansion smoother for those that come behind us. This is what I hope to accomplish here.

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My Story

Hi. My name is Jaime and I don't have a title for myself to provide here, but I like to think of myself as someone who spent more than a decade walking through the shadow side of reality so that one day I could help others navigate through their own difficulties and find freedom and empowerment on the other side. 

I was around seven or eight when I remember seeing the sky split open and a new layer form over the world that I was looking at. That layer was filled with creatures and concepts that no one else seemed to see. When I tried to explain the experiences I had with this other layer of reality I saw confusion and sometimes fear in the eyes of the people around me; so I stopped talking about it. I pretty much stopped talking completely, but I couldn't stop seeing and feeling things that I couldn't make any sense of. 

Eventually it became obvious that there was something "wrong" with me and when I was fourteen I was diagnosed with social anxiety disorder and major depressive disorder with psychotic features. For more than a decade after that I was prescribed different medications and psychological treatment. The things that I saw and felt never went away. My diagnosis was changed to agoraphobia and schizoaffective disorder and I was hospitalized multiple times. I kept trying to get better because I believed that I wasn't the only person experiencing the kind of pain that I felt and I knew that the only way I would ever be able to help anyone else was to find a way out myself. 

In an effort to help others (even before I knew how to help myself) I studied social work with an emphasis in community mental health. I kept trying to live a "normal" life but I couldn't escape from the experiences in that other layer of reality no matter how much I tried to push them away. Every time I thought I was making progress I would eventually become overwhelmed and find myself back in the hospital or in a deep depression. I reached a point where I had stopped working and going to school, was terrified of leaving the house even to get the mail, and spent most of the day laying in bed searching my phone for some kind of distraction to take my mind off the fact that my life was just dripping away. 

It was during that time that I came across YouTube videos that discussed things I hadn't been brave enough to explore before: things like parallel realities, synchronicities, and the ability to interact with interdimensional beings. I came across stories of people who had been hospitalized and medicated with symptoms similar to the ones I had been treated for, who were then trained by spiritual practitioners and not only able to have full lives but help people with their gifts. 

These stories stirred a voice that had long been suppressed within me. There was a hope that I had buried in the psycho-babble I had learned-- what if they were all wrong. What if I wasn't broken or sick? What if I just saw realty in a different way-- a way that could actually help others if I learned to navigate it correctly. I was scared to let go of what I had been told-- it felt dangerous to make some of the decisions I made after that-- but I realized I didn't have all that much to lose. 

The more I learned about alternative healing and spiritual practices the more my own life started to make sense and as I granted myself permission to explore and apply different ideas the world in and around me transformed. 

I won't tell you that I became "normal" or ultra-successful. I'm still me. I still see and feel things that people outside the spiritual/ awakening/ alternative healing community don't tend to understand. Some of my experiences with the other realm are still painful, but I no longer feel the need to undermine myself. I've learned to take responsibility for my beliefs about my own life and to choose how to interpret events in a way that is helpful rather than harmful and I've learned that many of the most damaging things that happened to me in the past were the result of misinformation about what life is and how I had to live mine. 

Learning that I have the power to choose my beliefs and align my actions to what I know to be true has helped me find freedom that I didn't know existed before. My life has finally started to make sense to me and I am ready to do my part to share what I have learned to empower others to create a fulfilling life of their own.